Saint Clair Dawn

Made from premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes using the traditional method of production, disgorged with 35 months ageing on lees, this wine is elegant and complex with a rich palate and fine mousse.

Dawn Ibbotson (who accomplished 100 years 12th December 2014) is the driving inspiration behind the creation of the Dawn series. Based on positivity, generosity, dedication to the community, uncompromising values and a desire to be her best. Saint Clair Family Estate is owned by viticulture pioneers Neal and Judy Ibbotson, who planted grapes in Marlborough in 1978. Dawn is Neal’s mother.

Saint Clair chose to celebrate and have a tribute to Dawn Ibbotson by producing a méthode traditionnelle style wine named in her honour.

Today Dawn continues to enjoy wines of Saint Clair (particularly Saint Clair Dawn). Living on her own (with some daily help) in her house in Dunedin NZ.


Saint Clair Dawn Methode Traditionnelle 2014

Hand crafted, bottle aged and fermented Marlborough Méthode Traditionnelle. Elegant and inviting. Created in celebration of and tribute to Dawn Ibbotson, who has now celebrated her 103rd birthday in December 2017.