Saint Clair wine and seafood – a match made in heaven

Happy New Year one and all! Hopefully everyone enjoyed the festivities and managed to get a bit of time out to relax with family and friends over the holiday period.

While we were lucky enough to enjoy a sun-drenched Christmas day in Marlborough, our thoughts were with everyone in the Northern Hemisphere holed up against the cold – particularly in the eastern states of America.

Moran's Oyster Cottage owner Catherine Moran and Saint Clair Family Estate founder Neal Ibbotson at the cellar door

Moran’s Oyster Cottage owner Catherine Moran and Saint Clair Family Estate founder Neal Ibbotson at the cellar door

Just before Christmas we were delighted to host Catherine Moran, a seventh-generation restaurateur who runs Moran’s Oyster Cottage, a world-famous restaurant in Ireland which was established in 1797.

Moran’s specialises in seafood dishes, featuring locally sourced crustacea (particularly their oysters) and fish, and a comprehensive list of fine wines from around the globe.

“Our wine list is predominantly white wine as we are a seafood restaurant,” says Catherine. “We listen to our customers when picking the wines, as trends and tastes are changing all the time…but certain wines like Saint Clair’s have withstood the test of time.”

The historic Moran's Oyster Cottage in Ireland

The historic Moran’s Oyster Cottage in Ireland

“Saint Clair’s fresh and vibrant wine style, lends itself well to all types of fish and seafood, and is
a firm favourite with many of their loyal customers,” she says.
“A customer once described their definition of heaven as sitting outside Moran’s eating a prawn salad and sipping on a glass of Saint Clair watching the swans go by on the river.”

While that certainly sounds idyllic, Catherine says she enjoyed her travels around New Zealand, particularly catching up with Saint Clair founder Neal Ibbotson, who gave her a tour of some of the vineyards and cellar door.
“It was nice to hear the stories of a family-run business, which I could identify with,” she says.

Thanks for visiting Catherine! We’re thrilled to hear our wines are so thoroughly enjoyed at Moran’s Oyster Cottage, and hope to see you again soon.morans food

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