Saint Clair Family Estate have a great emphasis on viticulture. With quality as a company value it is essential that the very best fruit is sourced and utilised to make the best wine possible, and hence adhere to a core company value.

Neal and Judy Ibbotson are viticulture pioneers within Marlborough. Judy planted the first vineyard in 1978 (with three pre-schoolers and a group of ladies) which was one of the first vineyards within the Marlborough region. Over the last 30 years Neal and Judy have both developed a great deal of viticulture knowledge themselves and hence recognise the true importance of the understanding of viticulture to the final product.

Hamish Clark is Saint Clair’s head viticulturist. He comes with a wealth of experience both within winemaking and viticulture. Saint Clair Family Estate utilise a mixture of fruit from contract growers combined with fruit from estate grown vineyards. Hamish communicates Saint Clair’s values and shares his viticulture expertise with the contract growers. With an added incentive to growers who provide exceptional quality fruit, grape growers will continue to strive for excellence.

Saint Clair Family Estate utilises the skills and expertise of Hortus Limited for their vineyard work. Hortus have developed a reputation as an industry leader in vineyard management and labour supply for viticulture. Saint Clair are proud to work with this reputable Marlborough company who have an experienced team that take care of Saint Clair vineyards all year round. Craig Vanstone is Saint Clair’s dedicated vineyard manager from Hortus and he works very closely with Hamish Clark and other members of the Saint Clair team to ensure the best possible quality fruit from each vineyard each vintage.