Screw Caps

Screw Caps are gaining rapid acceptance in New Zealand and in many of the countries New Zealand wines are exported to.

To ensure the best quality wines Saint Clair is in the process of introducing screw caps to all of our wines.

We wish to produce the best quality wine possible 100% of the time. Traditional corks do not allow us to do this. The various quality of corks can affect wines in numerous ways from cork taint that can dull a wine’s flavours and aromas, to off smells of mould and rotten cardboard. Some corks can also promote oxidation of wine where the wine is prematurely aged, becomes flat, and fruit flavours are totally destroyed.

We believe our 2003 Saint Clair Wairau Reserve Sauvignon Blanc which was awarded the Trophy for the best Sauvignon Blanc at the IWSC Show in London had approximately 50% affected to a greater or lesser extent by cork. But only in a low percent of bottles did the wine actually taste corked. What we found in tasting this wine on many occasions was when it was good it was amazingly good, with great nose, great intensity and power in the palate. However in many instances whilst the wine was still good to drink it was subdued both on the nose and the palate. Many wine drinkers still thought it was great, however, we knew it was back a notch on where it should be. This experience happened repeatedly and we only became aware of it because we knew the wine so well.

Saint Clair wants to provide you with the best quality wine possible, with no bottles cork tainted or even mildly affected causing variation to our wines. There are many benefits of using screw caps including user friendly openings, confidence you will receive your wine in the top quality condition intended, no longer cork affected and screw caps will allow each wine to mature and develop to its full potential.

As one of New Zealand’s leading producers of wine, quality is paramount. It actually costs more to provide customers with Screw caps (with associated additional bottle cost), than cork. We ask your help in educating others to enjoy a better quality product and help us to move to a product, which will be markedly better, and no longer cork affected.

Neal Ibbotson
Managing Director
Saint Clair Wines