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Cabernet Merlot

Saint Clair's red wine blends are traditionally made using varying proportions of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Mabec varietals, all dependant on what the vintage has provided. Each variety is kept separate from the vineyard through to the winery where it undergoes careful ageing in French oak prior to being blended. The resulting red wines are wonderfully full bodied and juicy.

The Saint Clair Pioneer Block 17 Plateau Cabernet Merlot is a pure expression of terroir. Hand crafted using only the very best fruit off Saint Clair’s Gimblett Gravels vineyard. Each individual variety spends 12 months in French oak where it develops a great depth of flavour, a rich and full bodied, and a very deep colour. This is a magnificent wine that can be enjoyed now but with careful extended cellaring will evolve showing it’s true beauty.

The Saint Clair Premium red blend typically has Cabernet Sauvignon as the dominant variety as this tends to provide the concentration and structure for the wine. The addition of Merlot aids in providing the beautiful fruit flavours and a full mid palate and the small Malbec component adds further complexity of spice and fruit impact. An incredibly approachable wine when young and will also continue to develop and delight with ageing.