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Seriously good and honest tasty food,house made focaccia with sea salt and pâté, followed by Tuscan tart for main course and a glass of beautiful Saint Clair Reserve Chardonnay a perfect match! If you are in Blenheim this is a must visit place! Well done to Hailey and her team! Cheers
Roy Assadi, Restaurant Manager/Head Sommelier Trip Advisor

Pioneer Block

Pioneer Block 9 Big John Riesling

Grapes from a site in the lower Brancott Valley were specifically chosen for Pioneer Block 9 wines due to the evenness of the soils and the age of the vines.

These wines are made in a Germanic Spatlese style, with the natural residual grape sugar balanced by firm acidity creating an off-dry impression.

The name of this vineyard reflects its 6ft 10in owner, John Walsh, affectionately known in viticultural circles as Big John. He and his wife Lynne are Saint Clair’s major grape growers.

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