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Awards & Accolades

Pioneer Block 7 Berry Block Sauvignon Blanc 2008


  • Silver: The New Zealand International Wine Show 2008 - NZ
  • Silver: Bragato Wine Awards 2008 - NZ
  • Silver: Intenational Wines & Spirits Competition 2008 - London
  • Silver: International Aromatic Wine Competition 2008 , Royal NZ Show
  • Bronze: Royal Easter Show Wine Awards 2009 - NZ
  • 5 Stars: Cuisine Magazine, 2009
  • 4 Stars: Winestate Special Edition 2008
  • 3 Stars: Winestate Magazine March/April 2009


"A Marlborough highlight reel in a single glass. A hint of sweat presaged a lively, bright palate where the fruit and acidity are locked in a fond, yet tension-filled, embrace. The flavours and lines are pristine. Australian judge Louisa Rose said the limey, eucalyptus notes reminded her of home. Any New Zealander living overseas and tasting this wine would say exactly the same."
John Saker, Cuisine, 31/1/09

"Beautifully stylish, nettle-driven wine. Great spicy lift to the smoky, green, sweaty nose and quite a funky palate that has heat and spice."
Winestate Annual Edition, 2009

"A wine with good weight and plenty of flavour. A line of sweetness runs across the palate from start to finish, while brisk tomato leaf and gooseberry flavours combine with a smack of citrus and some pineapple. There is no steely acidity or "bite" with this wine - it's a charmer. The finish is very lemony, like homemade lemonade, and that lingers into the aftertaste."
Deborah Walton and Peter Morice, Timary Herald, 12 May 2009

"Beautiful ripe flavour-salad flavours. The finish is long, dry and very satisfying. Great wine."
Graham Stringer, The Press, 2 September 2009