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The single vineyard ‘Pioneer Block’ wines of Saint Clair require separate handling, the winery using 250 small tanks to manage this. The amount of detail for winemakers Matt Thomson and Hamish Clark and their team is considerable, but the result is a fascinating range of wines that express their origin and site. In essence Saint Clair is bottling ‘terroir’ for keen wine enthusiasts to ponder and enjoy. The quality per se of the ‘Pioneer Block’ wines has been extremely high as well, reflecting the identification of superior as well as individual vineyards by Saint Clair’s owner Neal Ibbotson.
Raymond Chan

Awards & Accolades

Marlborough Merlot 2004


  • Bronze: Bragato Wine Awards 2006


“Spicy anise and pepper characters showing through and a pleasant, berryish flavour. A bit green-beanish on the finish but that will lessen over time."
Hawkes Bay Today, 11 March 2006

“Soft, up-front, light-to-medium bodied, green-tinged wine, with some plums, spice and smoky oak and a sharpish finish.”
Graeme Barrow, The Northern Advocate, 18 March 2006

"This was aroma with character, backed by the same in the mouth. The wine was light and dry with little tannin weight but surprisingly drinkable given the phrases describing its nose. 'Plums picked by dirty fingers', 'yummy' was the definite comment.”
Capital Times, 18 April 2006