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The single vineyard ‘Pioneer Block’ wines of Saint Clair require separate handling, the winery using 250 small tanks to manage this. The amount of detail for winemakers Matt Thomson and Hamish Clark and their team is considerable, but the result is a fascinating range of wines that express their origin and site. In essence Saint Clair is bottling ‘terroir’ for keen wine enthusiasts to ponder and enjoy. The quality per se of the ‘Pioneer Block’ wines has been extremely high as well, reflecting the identification of superior as well as individual vineyards by Saint Clair’s owner Neal Ibbotson.
Raymond Chan


Saint Clair Winery accredited by Sustainable Winegrowing NZ

Sustainable Winegrowing NZ (SWNZ)Sustainable Winegrowing NZ (SWNZ) carried out a full audit on the Saint Clair Family Estate winery in September 2009 and we are very pleased to announce that a pass was credited to the winery. The visiting auditor commented that “There was a demonstrated commitment to SWNZ and the requirements of the program.

Some of the sustainable initiatives we have implemented at the winery include reducing our landfill waste by 40% by recycling glass, cardboard and plastic and using a substantial amount of recycled packaging (60% recycled cardboard and 40% recycled glass). We have reduced our water consumption significantly and subsequently reduced our wastewater with some improvements in our processes and staff training. Saint Clair is committed to continually working on ways to enhance our sustainable practices over time.

Saint Clair’s six vineyards are also accredited sustainable as are its contract bottlers.

We have a number of vineyards that are in the early stages of organic production. We are currently carrying out trials to measure the effects of organics on wine quality.

We view sustainability as adopting good business practices aimed at continual improvement, seeking more effective solutions and appropriate use of resources, along with being socially and environmentally responsible.

Letters of accreditation:

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